History repeats itself

Its interesting to know how history repeats itself and still a person has no control whatsoever over it! Many a event in life are deja vus. A person with a foot-in-the-mouth disease will have it till he dies. He'll keep on blabbering all over town being hit badly, stabbed mercilessly again and again... and yet again stabbed, until he's safe in death's arms.

His prArabdha follows him to his grave... nay... leads him so. Such learning from faults is not for mortals; only one who's conquered death can do so. Why else would one be born endlessly and forget lives of misery? I heard a ghazal yesterday that went:

zindagi se baDi sazA hi nahi
aur kyA jurm hai woh patA bhi nahi

So very true! I don't take the depressing meaning of it. But not one soul here knows what he's doing. People just take ownership for everything that they come across, give lessons to others and not learn anything! We all do that... live for an era, at most, and then die. As Ramakrishna said once, no one's interested in being a student, every one wants to tell others what to do. I, for one, stopped that last year, but thats not good enough. I stopped probing into people's lives, even of those who I care. Its got to be other way round too... I need to stop talking altogether.

As once a wise man said: no good deed ever goes unpunished! Every man for himself is the way of life. Neither a lender nor a borrower be applies not only to money and stuff, it must apply to advice too; it must apply to any sort of sharing; it must apply to everything that there could be. Let people live and die not caring for others... thats how it was, is, and thats how it will be; thats how its meant to be. We live in a society that laugh at other's handicap, that throw stones at madmen and are full of evil. An act of helping done as an act of help, is a favor done, is done for a selfish reason and is done to mean so. Its mean. People who *do* help others don't exist since they are never in the limelight, they never will be and will never claim so!

I concluded something more in the very recent past. All my life I've come across people with holier-than-thou attitude. They may well be so; I don't deny that fact. But its too much to let another's heart bleed for that reason, even more cruel to be the reason for it. That links me to another set of eternal questions: who decides that a war is fair? Who decides that its perfectly alright to kill a huge army of people just because they love their motherland? Who decides the motherland boundaries? Why?

Eat, or be eaten?

Next life, perhaps! Perhaps, never!

ghaTiyantram punah punah
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