Against nature

If we stop for a moment before we *produce* something and think how we can safely *destroy* it, then that would be a wise thing to do. Looking back, have we ever done so? Look at plastic, for example; did anyone ever think that plastic cannot be destroyed and hardly put to good reuse? The toxic effect of plastic is less understood even now. We go on throwing them away, those plastic bottles and carry bags, 50 microns or whatever thick they are. Not only are they damaging natural beauty and adding to drastic health hazards by mixing with nature-provided resources, but are also eaten by animals, posing them a threat of life! This is but one example of how we have taken nature for granted, as if its an infinite resources' pumping machine! When we damage nature we are always in a hurry, but when it comes to cleaning things up, we take a back seat, start pointing the finger around (pun intended), and wash away our hands from the issue as a whole, opining that its beyond us!

There's obviously a bigger problem than visible in these seemingly simple mistakes of inventions and productions. Every such step forward should have a systematic study *beforehand* on the entire chain of its effect from produce to disposal, including handling, ill-effects, environmental effects, etc, that questions the justification of the produce itself! Only those who feel ownership for the nature, who think widely, globally, for current and future generations can take an unbiased decision, then, on whether or not does the new product outweigh the side-effects by as many times as to make the latter negligible.

As a simple test, all of us should take some time off, jot down a list of most useful utility products, think how they have damaged nature, how they pose a threat to us now and tomorrow, and bring up options to them that are safe, and thrive to replace them in totality. A better tomorrow, all said and done, lies with us, if we do agree that today's rotten enough!

In the end, I link ya to some things that we can start now on this simple reuse/ disposal mechanism, thanks to Gotya:


(I do have another pending blog to complete on global warm(n)ing, but I think the way postpone issues till we are neck-deep in them, so do I on blogs too!)
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