Sudden recovery

They say that a Guru's wish can turn around things for a seeker. To a good extent, I feel the power of such things right now and that too with a very simple example. I partook some Badrinath prasada today and since then, I've felt a turmoil with things I've been thinking of in the past so many weeks. Suddenly, its clear now that grace does work in so many more ways than I can ever understand.

Although I keep feeling that all is lost, there's still hope left!


On a related note, how does the Lord's name work in different ways for different modes and different people? This was my topic of contemplation yesterday. If I think of something gross while doing nAmasmaraN or vice-versa, will it still aid or could it do damage? I'm contrary to the opinion on the latter, but it could give various helpful results. Depending on the depth of worldly thoughts, the level of purification varies. The same utterance of God's name with more focused attention could bring in fruitful worldly results. But the only spiritual progress would be when the utterance is heartfelt, without a worldly thought, without a spiritual demand... as in when its purely namesake, perhaps!
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