A stupid question

And then there are stupid questions such as: if all remained brahmacharis or took to sannyasa how will the world continue to exist? I wonder if people who ask these questions also ask whether if all sorts of works would remain if everyone moved on to become engineers or doctors? Don't people always want the very best of their interests to be satisfied? Doesn't everyone want the topmost in this world? But, do all of them get it? No! Do we stop trying then?

Similarly, ours is to try to achieve the best across lives, moving away from the animal nature through human, to the divine. The divine goal doesn't get fetched at once; its a tapasya of many lives, trying to crawl, before we can stand up, walk and finally run -- nay, fly! One must start now so that the long journey is not put onto another time. Only the very lucky few would get the blessings of all to continue flawlessly, only those would get godspeed.

To remain crawling and satisfying oneself of being close to the ground, avoids risking the fall, of course, but thats all that it does!
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