Creating even so a nano-moment in history!

Mark the gentleman's words “The car will be priced at Rs. 1 lakh. A promise is a promise”. Among the funny names such as Buddha car, Mamta or more appropriately Despite Mamta, technologically way-advanced for the size of the car, its appropriately christened as the Nano. Ratan Tata's baby is here!

If for nothing else, Tatas deserves all the praise they can get for getting out a complete car for the price with lowest emission and the highest mileage. Now thats an achievement for the green world, not to mention Tata's idea of dispersing wealth with the strategy to build, sell and service cars. We don't hear of people wanting to disperse wealth, but only accumulate, even less in the car industry.

Remember what happened to GM's electric car? The oil companies together with the big three, including GM themselves, killed it. The idea does live on as an idea. It did spark other ideas beyond the electric, towards the hybrid, compressed-air and other fuel run cars. US cos with their puppet reporters have garbled up stories about emission norms of the car and safety questions. Factually, it takes guts to talk nonsense and that US has always had, be it in the nuclear field, war, Kyoto protocol, or oil. This time around, they are talking of emission standards about Nano, while their lungs are breathing their own carbon emissions. Nano beats even the California standards of emission ready to meet Euro-IV norms and mileage around 50 miles a gallon! Safety is a different matter altogether; at the speeds that Americans rip, no car's safe there anyway. However, Nano's not meant for US (yet), its meant as a lowest priced car on earth. So people who want to compare Nano with all jazzy stuff, should best see their shrink.
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