What they (all) say!

A spiritual aspirant has solitude as the only sane choice in his insane world. The other insane world has made its own rules and its people always want even this person to live by rules measured as per their yardstick. So what these people have been telling me back at my work, among friends, relations, and acquaintances in cities and even villages here? Here are some I can gather. If you can't take sarcasm and/ or belong to one of these, please refrain from reading further:

--Get married:
This one's a common formula... kind of a solution for everything. Put responsibilities on the chap and screw him up royally. Throw him in lust and more desires, and may he be doomed in nobody's worst interests!

“What if everyone thought they have sufficient for themselves? What if Tatas and Ambanis thought so?” Why should I have such aspirations for myself? They excite you, you walk their path, why drag me along? Lets just say I'm incapable of all that and I'm happy with it. Or “Karma yoga will purify you”. Yeah, right, thanks!

--Lets show your horoscope:
“Then we'll be able to find out what is wrong with you!” Interesting assumption. Oh, please fix this for me. My God who gave me this prArabdha is not as capable as you.

--Try this:
“Do this and see if you succeed. Else you know where you stand in your journey and if you can't do it, spiritual journey is not for you.” Yes, because they can do such a thing, everyone should be able to. Well, whether such is a spiritual measure is no one's problem!

--Quit everything:
“What kind of a path is a middle path? We never heard of anyone who wants to save enough money and spend time in spirituality. Such kinds go to Himalayas.” Yes, Himalayas is some kind of solitary set of hills with caves made for all kinds of sAdhakas... these people have actually seen it; in movies, of course!

--Go here:
“At such and such place, you will find solace. Have you still not gone to that place in all these years? What kind of a spiritual life are you leading?” In the same spirit, "Join this ashram".

--Talk to him:
“I think you should have someone take you to this Guru. He'll be able to solve your problems”. My problems? Or yours?

--Think of your parents:
Yes, the golden accusation. They all take care of their parents. They are greater than God who gives their parents life and health. Who will look after my parents? Right! “They didn't bring you up so that you can one day do this kind of a thing”.

--We'll help you:
Really? Help me? Beyond the all-powerful God? Where were you all these years?

I've put the last one in the end because it sums up for all of the above things and more. These nice people are actually trying to help me. They are finding a solution for me for something that they see as a *problem* and actually know so. In other words, they are finding a solution for a non-existing problem! Of course, I'm thankless and am acting smart, when I don't lend them an ear, far from following the unsolicited advice, but I don't think I've time to listen to them and spend more part of my life thinking over it and writing such blogs.

So... I'd like to thank all of them here, instead, including the ones that have somehow meant well for me in the past, mean now and/ or the ones that are about to pop up further and tell them this as a golden rule to follow: Do you really want to help me? Yes? Then please stop helping me. Thats the greatest help you can provide me with. Stay away, please! And of course, thanks a ton!

I don't make paths, I walk on the path that gets made automatically, any which way, one of the above, none, a mix of them, or more, whatever; I like an unpredicted tomorrow, and I live so, happily, nay, blissfully!
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