The power of Satsanga

Every time I talk to any of my satsanga friends, be it on any topic... a mere exchange of few sentences... brings immense pull to the path of truth. Its a feeling of mumukshutva that takes over denying the world of vAsanAs, the life of sin. A person of satsanga is perhaps so neutral in his opinion or expressions, at worst, that that itself brings in good luck to oneself. It charges up the spiritual cells and drains away the nonsense, good for nothing, worldly cells. There's hardly a time when satsanga brothers discuss the world beyond whats necessary for a push to the wheel of satsanga in social circles. Then on the wheel rolls from the darkness of the night into the shades of the trees cooling the rAjasic and tAmasic wants of talking and doing ill, or ego-fights of getting over others, and bringing forth the sattvik love for truth. Each of the participants wants others to succeed, since one's success in gaining knowledge takes the others ahead by leaps too. True knowledge is gained in satsanga so.

Satsanga is not only spending some hours in the company of holy men, but more importantly leaving the worldly company of dussanga. Dussanga tyajana has immense potential of bringing satsanga just by such avoidance. Thats why a life of solitude is mandated for a sAdhaka wanting to be an adhikAri.
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