The Da Vinci Code

Past two days, I'd been hooked on to the Dan Brown novel; yes, I know I read it late. All my life, I may have maybe read under 3 novels; they don't fall in my interest areas. Somehow, The Da Vinci Code (DVC) was different. Although I knew that when the book hit the stalls, I was neck deep in spiritual books and a friend had told me that there are better cryptography books than DVC. So I was never considering reading it. But after I saw Zeitgiest, went back to solving Klueless4, doing some IQ tests as a passtime activity last month and discussed ciphers with someone, the topic came back to DVC. So I searched for an online version, downloaded one, but I didn't feel like reading after trying once. Then I found out that my bro has the paperback. That gave me an opportunity on Monday to start off. The book was so gripping in Dan Brown's narrative, that I couldn't keep it till I finished it this noon. Then I went online to search more of his interviews and books. There's a good possibility that I might read Digital Fortress some time soon, of course if its equally good and I'm in the mood. :)
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