Digital Fortress

After having finished DVC yesterday, I read Dan Brown's interview and other stuff on his website. Soon I was hunting Digital Fortress (DF). Somehow, his website content on DF wasn't very impressive, but nonetheless it was about cryptography. I managed to find myself a downloadable and started a few pages yesterday before dozing off. It started off pretty interesting, so I continued it this morning. I finished it a while back, but it is not half as good as DVC. Of course, it gets a lot interesting till midway, but Dan has it all over the place, mixing things up with too many flaws.

He stretches the story too far beyond the truth of North Dakota and DF. I think the story would have made quite okay without the twists that followed later. I was upset with the "Susan! Susan! Susan!" twist... it was really cheap. There would have still been flaws but the novel would have not crossed into the arena of desperate movies! Some of the flaws were too stupid to ignore: in a novel based on digital cryptography, the no. of bits of encryption for the longest time taken to crack a code were exaggerated, not to mention the diagnostic run bits were downright ridiculous, and to contrast these flaws, the practical codes that feature in examples and the storyline were child's play! To worsen things, the codes obvious to the reader are shown to be things that NSA giants are breaking heads over! And about the intelligent lots in the book, I'd some doubts... what about DF copies downloaded by many that was made publicly available before DF was cracked, tweaked and replaced by Strathmore? But thats much later.... how could Tankado who's so smart announce something publicly in such a way as to invite his killers (agreed, not NSA or software companies, but definitely terrorists) in the first place?

The following four words sum up the book: Jtal uona soyw tmfs! :)
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