The world has always been controlled by a few who had the power to control it, less by choice (of the people) and more by imposition. This power can variously be seen in terms of knowledge possessed, education, experience, strength, but more than anything now, its just the power of money. The desire to rule the world or universes for that matter can be seen even from mythological stories, down to histories of yesteryear. Alexander, the (so-called) Great, tried to take over the world in a series of hysteric invasions against the wish of his own philosophical teacher. That streak of fanatic violence got polished over a period of time and became more political. The governments of all countries are now only a front for an underrunning current of such power-hungry rich. These are business giants, royal families, who understand only the language of money and who would do anything to multiply their riches. For them, money supercedes people's lives and therefore, a war is one of the most profitable business. A close second is religion and although they themselves may or may not believe in any religion, they would definitely want you to believe in one that they created for you. Such religions are created for you to give up your freedom of following a particular faith of your choosing and instead follow the one thats imposed on you. The rules of such a religion are shaped up to make you support their plan which of course is not known to you: the struggle for money and power again.

Most of what I say here is in one way or the other covered in, a lot of it even inspired from, a documentary called Zeitgeist. Although all of it may not be authentic, it surely will make you see and angle you've missed all these years.

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