About thanks & apologies

Okay, I confess that this one's a selfish blog entry. I use the words: thanks and sorry, very liberally, while meaning it too. It always turns out that people don't know the usage very well; they end up using one more than the other. It also depends on the company you keep, though.

For me, it irritates much if people keep me thanking every now and then. Moreover, it puts me into an awkward situation when this kind of thanking or praising is made public.

Unfortunately, thats not true with apologies. Although I don't want others to thank me even for my biggest goodwill gesture, I do expect atleast a simple sorry when I deserve it. Its not an ego issue, I feel. It just helps me forget things faster. Mind ya, forget, not forgive. Because, I forgive way too easy. Its just that the pain sticks on into memory long enough to make forgetting difficult (Maybe thats why I've a short memory in other things!). Its like telling me that you don't feel sorry at all.

I'm reminded of a song by MLTR...

There is no excuse my friend,
for breaking my heart again
This is where our journey ends
you're breaking my heart again.

Down to basics, if you don't like to say sorry, don't do things that'll make you say it; simple.
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