My food habits, camp Cambridge, seemed to tend towards starvation due to the exhaustive driving and samosa sandwich lunches. Moreover, currently, I'm on a restrictive diet, leaving me with less choices among almost nothing thats there to eat out here! The TV channels and the music aren't entertaining and they leave me with a good time on hands to think back of good songs, movies, etc that we have back home.

Once you get into thinking such things, you're bound to miss your family and friends, especially, when you're not travelling with people you've spent more time with. Slow it is... my life here. The good things back home: all of them, feel a long, long-- eternal-- time ahead. I keep on thinking of what I could, would, and should do in India. Why didn't I do all that? Its really strange: you don't seem to really value what you have, while craving for other things in life. That takes you farther, from where you should be, to almost a point of no return.

And, I read a blog entry and started feeling more miserable, missing mom, dad, brother, friends, er... life?
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