Blind men and the elephant

While returning from The Terminal... Sriram and I got into talking about the movies I watched over the past weekend. There were some four movies of Meg Ryan that I was trying to recall names of, when Sriram suddenly mentioned What Women want! I've a miserable memory, but I knew for sure that WWW doesn't have Meg Ryan. I didn't remember who it was, though. Sriram kept on insisting its her and I kept on saying its Brooke Shields! Then I wondered where did Brooke Shields come from? More fun...

me: is there a Brooke Shields? Who's Brooke Shields?
Sriram: wait, she's not an actress... she Agassi's ex-girlfriend.
me: I'm sure she's the one. Nah, its the one from some serial on TV... why can't I recall her? I can never recall names.
Sriram: Bhattaa, it is Meg Ryan... go home and look up the DVD. Why worry now?
me: okay, I'll googleize & let ya know right when I'm in office. I'll even tell ya who's Brooke Shields.

We lost the topic of which Meg Ryan movies I saw :)

(The next day we both agreed that Helen Hunt is the one we talked of as Meg Ryan & Brooke Shields, the Blue Lagoon starrer)
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