Irresponsible driving!

I used to consider myself a responsible driver, until yesterday. Thursday morning, when a colleague and I started off, I was to reverse the Mondeo from the parking lot. There's this edge of the shed on my left and another Mondeo parked on the right... we were late for office. Usually, I do not accelerate the car in reverse gear. But the Ford had got cold enough to switch itself off and I'd to race. I could've chosen to warm the machine up on neutral with a little race. I didn't. I put it in the r-gear, raced it a bit and drove it back. While doing so, I didn't realise that the wheels weren't straight enough for a sharper left turn and definitely not so early. We were almost out of the parking lot, when the right-front of our office Mondeo hit the neighbour's left-back! I swore some thing when I realised that I scraped the cars badly, leaving scratches on both and a dent on ours!!!

I immediately jumped out and studied the damages. The green Mondeo that the neighbour's car was, had a few lines that went off on rubbing; a few more remained on the panel just over the wheel. Ours, however, had some green lines on the silver car, with a dent and some scratches on the headlight!

I haven't been able to think straight since then, not to mention work, food and sleep. And we're still researching on a good solution to get things upright.

Whatever the outcome, this was a shameful experience for me... and it'll remain so.
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