Maya pitfalls

I do not understand Maya; not many, if any, do. What I do know are my feelings and one of the major things felt is the strength of Maya. I'm just trying to compare it to the closest matches of our world:

--its like quicksand that looks like a beautiful garden that you go for a stroll in.
--its like the middle of the ocean that you go for a swim in and the ship leaves with nothing around you.
--its like the endless desert with countless mirages around you.
--its like while climbing the highest & steepest mountain, you leave one hand being overconfident and slip down. If alive, you have to start from scratch again!

My weekend experiences were so... I've slipped; I'm alive but its a long journey again.

What one needs to be aware of is you can't strip your most valued ornament and leave aside for some time, thinking of a quick bath. This ornament is meant to be with you all the while. You can't sleep off on a hopping flight when you want to get off midway. You can't take a short nap on the platform when the train is about to arrive. Similarly the spiritual path you follow can't be left for a tempting bypass or a short walk by the riverside. You have to walk this path, always. A moment's distraction is worse than a driver's peek elsewhere on a curvy circuit of an F1 race! Else its like a self-goal in soccer... thats not done!
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