10-point ism

1. That one is not the body, mind and/or intellect is clear even to a fool, owing to the dream and sleep states.

2. That all crave for happiness in one form or the other, and that in itself is a passing state into its backrest of impermanence, is also everyone's experience.

3. Not knowing one's true nature and holding on to what one is not, the craving for happiness, and struggle for mine & thine, continues endlessly.

4. Thus born desires, grow and feed on desire, resulting in karma spreading over multiple lives.

5. Being in the kArmic circle and stepping out is extremely difficult, akin to alighting from a running train.

6. Submissal to the divine is the only way until one reaches the edge of the kArmic circle, making stepping out easier.

7. At each step, mAyA harks back vAsana-s to hijack the mind; as such, no amount of alertness should be considered as sufficient, ever.

8. When the only desire left is the one to liberate, that in itself causes desirelessness and qualifies (as) sannyaasa.

9. Tracking progress could pose as an ego-trap.

10. Spiritual uphill is infinitely steep, so the fall is sudden in comparison to the crawl upwards.
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