Dig deeper

"Go further" said the monk, in passing, to a forest-dweller in search of hidden treasure. The story continues as the latter finds more valuable treasure after scaling the depths of the forests. At each pitstop, the value of the treasure unleashed increases. It occurs to the dweller, after finding the trove of the most material value that the monk must've meant something more than this since he hadn't specified where to stop!

Many a different version of the story exists after this commonality that conclude the story to some moral or the other. However, what interests me in this is the fact that each set of valuables found are identified to be of more worth than the earlier set due to our knowhow of it. Things unknown to us are chucked away, aren't they? On the spiritual path too, no one can tell us the end and one needs to dig deeper till the end finds us. There's no point in saying I'm satisfied with this much and break there. As long as one is in a position to judge that there's more or assess the value of what one has achieved, the subjective behaviour remains and that can't be it all. Its a journey where the end itself, not the wayfarer, brings an end to the path.
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