Forest fires

During some seasons, brushing of trees against each other results in forest fires. These, once lit, are too difficult to control. Not only that, no one can see the trees and the fruits they bear once the entire forest is burning. All that one can believe there is, is fire, smoke and nothing else. Very similar to this, the brushing of the senses against the sense objects creates an image of a subject separate from an object and this multiplies much beyond control.

This multiplicity as a result of such brushing gives rise to ego that blocks the view of reality the way smoke blurs the view. In truth, there's nothing like smoke; its an illusion of the fire thats lit due to the trees. If the trees don't brush there's no fire. The ego is an illusion produced by the outgoing mind. If the mind remains home, still, unmoved, there'll be no fire, no smoke, no ego, no multiplicity, dissolving the forest and merging into that single oneness thats ekameva advitiya brahmaN.
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