Multiple personalities

Nah, not split personalities, but multiple personalities. If a person spends time living a particular type of life, it becomes him! Yes, I do speak from experience here. Living such a life has given me a lot of insight into the non-real existence. Acting on multiple fronts can put you to question which one's yours? The answer is none.

As an example, I took my chat addiction of earlier times to a new level ending yesterday evening. I spent almost a week online creating a personality for myself that I wouldn't usually subscribe to, doing all sorts of things. Akin to Mr. Anderson and Neo in Matrix. This experiment, whether or not it was intended to be so, took me by the neck and I was into it all these 7 days without having a minute of existence outside of it! Now this is interesting: was I the personality I created for me in the past 7 days? Maybe. If so, then where was I all these years? If not, then is this real me thats blogging it out here? Then who was it that got created and felt like me in this apparent experiment?

Lack of sleep can also give a deep understanding of this make-believe world! In the deepest pull of sleep while awake, one just wants to sleep off, not knowing his own existence. No goodies of this world of any order can help him; why? If he's been struggling in this world, why is he not so keen on making it great here when totally exhausted, insomuch that he'll fall off to sleep? This sleep belongs to the world thats reality. It recharges the ones into the fall of this world. Its like charging a battery so that foolish games can be played, yet again!

I am clear that its the mind that hides out feelings built over lives and thats brought out in dreams or such temporary personalities. One may start out as an experiment but get led astray. Similarly, it may start out as a deep-lying desire, standing bare naked into the reality as another personality, no one knowing, taking you into belief that its you! I don't know to which category I belong between these two; I don't mind either or both, since its factually none!

Of course, many may call it a *multiple personality disorder*, suggesting a psychiatrist, who themselves are lost in their own Freudian world of everything-has-its-root-in-sex; but the world itself has us live in disorder. As the Greek philosophers said there's order in this worldly madness; since such a worldly chaos is ordered, its disorder, for me.
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