Taking the plunge

(January 16, 2007)

All talk of grace is totally useless if a person still goes on being calculative and careful even in helplessness! Why I feel so is because the story never ends otherwise. It loops back in a repetitive cycle of doership. While I feel that there’s grace towards a certain thing, to crosscheck so or to see if there’s grace elsewhere too is sheer arrogance. The grace, then remains not; its hypocrisy. As such, the most perfect thing to do is to take a plunge towards the grace; I’ll surely get more than my worth is how the belief should be then.

Moreover, since the blessing is for one, it need not be equally so for another. Why that; that another may not even subscribe to it as grace. Then why tap it? Its foolishness to think if the grace is sufficient or will it remain so tomorrow too! The hand that feeds shall always remain the hand that feeds.

Taking the plunge into the path shown by Guru’s grace is the shortest path. It’s the safest too. It not only gives what one wants, but gives more than what one deserves.
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