Working of Grace

(January 14, 2007)

Last, I’d written of helplessness. That helplessness has a bad effect on the negatively inclined; even for the optimistic, it could break his back! I was reaching a stage of desperation and from fear that it might lead into frustration, I decided to take a break from the break that I’m already on! I took a bike trip to Bangalore. At each pitstop, I felt more lost on whether I’m doing the right thing. On this 8-day trip, the first 6 days were miserable in terms of results. The efforts seemed to have led nowhere and there was no hope of them leading anywhere either. Such juncture practically drove me amidst helplessness and surprisingly, that brought along with it, a feeling of satisfaction and contentment of having completed my part of the job.

With that feeling, I rode out of Bangalore, stopping over at Kadur as I’d done going towards Bangalore too! Overnight, the grace seems to have done its job and moving towards Sagar, grace had taken me up into the heights of bliss and nothing else, including the reason for which I took the trip, seemed to matter. As soon as that happened, I felt my job was taken care of by Him who gave me this feeling! And so it was to be. I moved on to a complete halt at Sagar. It struck 1400hrs on the clock, the time for lunch. Even before I’d switched off the engine, Ramachandra called me out asking where I was, saying further that he’s been trying to reach me. Soon, we discussed the matter out. He asked me to have lunch and be back by 1530, so that he gets others in the job involved. I’d time enough to have lunch and take a off-load bike trip to Varadahalli and be back. I’d a beautiful darshan of Sridhara Swami, whose grace, I found, had been working all this while. I thanked him and continued with the people that Ramachandra had introduced me to. The place that they took me to seemed almost perfect and my decision was more or less taken in favor of the mango grove. I’m waiting for Sankranti and for the Sun to cross over towards north!

There are two more reasons why the mango orchard seems to be a perfect solution for me. For one, Hebbarji had suggested near 2 yrs back that that’s what will work well for an agricultural layman like me. For another, while at Bangalore, my Guru announced his blessings well in advance by somehow dropping a small mango in the outer pocket of my bag from the Heavens! I still have it.

Paani ke pyaase ko taqdeer ne jaise jee bhar ke amrit pilaayaa
Aisaa hi sukh mere man ko mila hai main jab se sharan tere aayaa mere Ram!
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