9, 9 and 18 more!

The gestation period of 9 months seems to have stuck on to me! The recent 9 month stories follow.

Oct 3, 2005: I spoke to my manager of my leaving my job. Over discussions, potential replacement interviews, stretching issues, new project modules, negotiations, ping-pongs, the final day saw 9 months more. (Its a different story that I took a vacation in the 9th month to push it a month further from exit).

Aug 10, 2006: This day saw a beginning of another gestation that delivered simple living with unplanned plans, do-nothing, be-nothing attitude.Towards the end of these 9 months, a breakthrough getaway is seen.

May 10, 2007: As I see, its a disconnected life, yet a connected one. Its time to shatter superficial faiths and bring deeper beliefs alive. Those deeper beliefs had, earlier, announced themselves in unacceptable terms to others, portrayed superficially, taking expensive time (18 months!!!), effort, monies, patience and all that mundane worldly stuff. Its time to recover those, boldly, for the truth as I see it. As my favorite manager used to say, have a one point agenda! Its still a formation of unattached attachment. I don't know if I can be with all older ties with new ones shaping up. I might relax norms and care less for anything else than the focus that is called for, however hurting it may seem!

Finally, I'd like to close with some shloka-s that are left to interpretation beyond my mention of thought 52 taken as grace:

duHsangaM ca parityajya pApakarma parityajet |
cittachinhamidaM yasya tasya dIkshA vidhIyate ||

cittatyAganiyuktashca krodhagarvavivarjitaH |
dvaitabhAvaparityAgI tasya dIkshA vidhIyate ||

etallakshaNaM saMyuktaM sarvabhUtahiteratam |
nirmalaM jIvitaM yasya tasya dIkshA vidhIyate ||
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