Sounding negative!

Whats wrong with our temperament, off late? There's a clear indication about it... its a writing on the wall... even the weather announces it with global warming!

The wars around the world, unethical fight for industry leadership, hatred amongst families, within the family, religious intolerance, meaningless friendships, backstabbing, environmental carelessness, short sightedness, ignorance about anything that doesn't directly affect us, etc, are some of the things that detail the same.

We've become more mean and the attitude problem that we live with and how easily we cook up a bunch of lies, for any trivial thing, has degraded our standards of morality to a drastic low... to a point of no recovery.

If we try to separate ourselves from such a society around us, we end up fighting with everyone, unable to stand anything that even closely resembles odds, frustration building every moment of our mortal existence....

As always, hideouts of silence are the only solution for us then!
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