Nuclear India!

I'm immensely happy that we tested the 3,500 km-range Agni-III ballistic missile yesterday itself, loudly announcing that we're committed to our nuclear and missile research programme. More reasons on why so, follows.

The country that has built a paradise over bloodshed of countless Red Indians has voiced nonsense again! This time around, they've managed to call India greedy for our want of nuclear capabilities! Hah, US has *always* been greedy in everything, though. They are the people who want(ed) to patent turmeric-as-a-medicine thats used in almost every household in India since time unknown! They are also the same people who want(ed) to patent basmati rice, the one that makes festive food here, if not of daily use in many Indian homes! If thats not enough, they are also the people who fought several wars for the greed of oil in the gulf countries, killing millions, including nuking Japan! US has even gone for war against UN requests; the latter can go to hell for all they care! Ending wars, they also leave a trace of feel-nothing to the country, if they leave at all, once having entered for a so-called *police-action*.

Knowing history so, I do not know what US calls its military as, but ours is a defence and we've a no-first-use, but second strike, policy. We're a country surrounded by military dictators who haunt us not only grabbing boundaries inch-by-inch, but are also a cause for concern due to the terrorism within. We're a country where some cities pay as much as five times than what US cities pay for electricity, needing nuclear energy badly!

As it is, the Indo-US nuclear tie-up began with a bad taste. One needs to really understand why we in India are being called as nuclear greedy now that we want to keep to technology exchanges that would help us keep our nuclear (factually, civilian safeguarded) reactors going. US has imposed sanctions upon India due to Pokhran nuclear tests. Later, when we had found our own resources for nuclear fuel, suddenly US came back, for a hug this time. Well, they just want what they want, but if we ask for return in kind, we're nuclear greedy!
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