Waking up to daily news

Every day is atleast a tragedy! Each morning you wake up to see the newspapers stained with blood, only with varying counts of deaths and rapes! Cheating and robbery don't even make it to the papers these days, since they have become commonplace and we are no more surprised with any such incidents. The keyword *trust* does not exist anymore as an essential unmentionable feature of individuals. Instead, if such a thing does exist, its a rarity enough to become news material! Yesterday, I read that a Bambaiyya taxidriver returned a necklace and a (licensed) revolver forgotten behind by a businessman. Well, I'd have liked to live in a place and time where thats expected normal behavior. Wouldn't we all?

The only pleasing thing I've read in days was today. An article mentions Denmark to be such a place, where people are the happiest in Europe (perhaps, the world), due to work-life-balance, responsible family life, responsive and approachable government, safe streets, etc. Thank God, for some piece of heaven on earth, atleast for some!

(By the way, I'm going to try and live in denial of such nonsense surroundings as I start this entry with and see if it helps me be contented more than I already am. In that effort I attempt to list out funny incidents in Virar local trains, that make one survive the suffocating crowd! Coming up next...)
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