Distance yourself

Spiritual seeking and society don't mix because the latter generates traps of the delusive world for the seeker due to which he may lose the goal. This is a well-known reason for the seeker to distance himself from the social order. However, there are other reasons why a seeker makes society worse by his involvement in the society; mind you, I'm not saying presence but involvement, which essentially means being in the social order and applying spiritual rules to it. Even if a person applies spiritual rules to the world and lives by it, its not as much an issue as long as it concerns only himself; but as soon as it enters the arena where others picture in his spiritual frame, its a problem. The spiritual glass through which he sees things are not what the world perceives, so they don't see the harm that he brings along. The worldly harm from the spiritual assessment of worldly things is a free piggyback on the seeker. More so, when its politics that the spiritual weighing scale weighs. To the seeker, the dead and alive mean the same thing, the good and the bad both, whether its killing of a person or distributing gold, neither outweighs the other. A war is as good as peace then. Now you see the problem. He's at peace within a warzone. His peaceful decisions will definitely harm the world at large. So its best that the seeker distances himself from the entire society and withdraws to his sole goal; that way he can reach it earlier.
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