Up until now, I'd seen documentaries made like movies, but not a movie made like a documentary. Interestingly enough, Death of a President is one such movie; funnily enough, I didn't know it before watching it or even during the movie. It seemed like a documentary of events I'd missed in newspapers, except of course, the actual death of the US President! :) Then I went online and searched out what the fakeumentary was all about and so I found that it was meant to be a proper movie with a mix of events that happened another time with totally different set of people, sequenced in with special effects, to give it a feel of documentary. The story line was gripping enough but perhaps, more so in the second half. The only flaw I find in it is FBI disclosing the right assassin. There's no point to them in losing a battle already won by crooked means. Just because Bush and Blair went out to Iraq against the alleged WMDs and found none after destroying the country and its populace, confessed that “it was a mistake” and stated “we bluffed”, it doesn't mean that they won't do it again! They did it with 9/11, they did it with Afghanistan. Anything gone wrong in the US needs to necessarily fall in line with previously blamed people/ organizations to justify already fought wars!

(... while I was writing this, I lost taste of even writing on these things... I was losing focus of the title. So I'll just lighten up by using a quote from Seinfeld on War and Peace...

War: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!)
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