Hyperlinked living

My life, as I understand now, has been lived in a dictionary lookup fashion, which in computer jargon would mean hyperlinked. When you look up a word in the dictionary, many times you end up reading more words before the one you're looking at. When I look up a dictionary, however, there's a good chance that I may forget the original word that I'm looking for and end up referencing many others unintended and forget their synonyms and meanings too! Let that be.

In life, when I get interested to do something, I start off on the right foot to do it, stepping in the right direction as I understand. Meanwhile something else would happen that would forcibly gather my attention and I get onto newer unrelated task that suck up life. During the time, I'd pick up some things intentionally as well to make this particular deviation interesting. Those, I'd presume, keep me falling deeper into the abyss and would be easier to quit all at once when the moment to switch back to original track has arrived. This is broadly how I've been living my life in the past few years. That said, I want to add on how I came about this thoughtful, but completely useless, conclusion tonight, much like my blog! :)

I'd been looking up blogs or some known people, reading them, while increasing my weblog activity. I ended up looking Raghav's mostlytechie and saw OpenMoko's Neo on it. Rag had shown me Neo when I last went to Bangalore. It was a beautiful piece of hardware, running what else but Linux. There was some hacking that they were discussing doing, all excited from FOSS they'd returned from. So the look of Neo on mostlytechie brought back the look and touch (not feel, Neo's touchscreen I mean) alive. Next obvious act for me was to find whats latest on OpenMoko: specs, Qtopia, stuff like where its sold, at what price, and the like. Having gone through those, I looked up special offers for Linux fans who would be willing to test Android for Neo. Ah, Android. Next chain reaction took me to whats new on Android and devices that run or might run Android. Although OpenMoko is currently offering discounts for people willing to beta Android on Neo, more than a year back, individuals had hacked to try and run Android on Neo 1973! More surprises, it was not just trying to compile and port, but plug the kernel to run instructions that Neo's ARM4 CPU arch. didn't support and Android's ARM5 arch. needed!

I realized towards the end of that last link that one out of two things will happen now: either I'll pity myself for missing C programming the past few years or I'll get tempted back into Linux world, neck deep in technology. Instead, a 3rd option unfolded: this blog happened! :P
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