Wherever there is a border, there are disputes, politically fueled and absurdly acted upon by madmen. Be this a state border or the one between countries. Take the current instance of Kannada/ Marathi idiots fighting for nothing and disrupting everything within, while India is fighting a bigger problem of terrorism by almost preparing for war. What kind of people are these who think that their languages are superior, they have done more for the land, etc? Its quite simple. You don't improvize things around you for the state. You don't setup businesses in a particular area to someday fight over the area and insist it to be a part of one state or another. You improvize the area for your own selfish interest of better living. Language is not an indication of it to be a part of any state/ country, neither is religion. Moreover, don't people realize how it destabilizes the area in terms of everything that matters, including people's lives?

I personally don't consider myself a Kannadiga or Marathi or whatever. Both the languages are close to heart and I'm not going to let that be an issue to attack anyone ever, be it physically or verbally. People who think they love their language and state and think that others are invading their space in some way haven't learnt the first chapter of Indian culture. They are the first and foremost candidates to be fanatics and yes, they do pose a threat for humanity around them.

I'm an Indian at heart and that too is slowly dying into a bigger perspective of vasudhaiva kuTumbakam.

vande mAtaram, jai hind!
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