The crazy range

The craziest behaviorial range is seen in sadhana. Sridhara Swami's saying that a saint's heart is softer than the softest butter in that it melts at the sight of a troubled makes one end of this range. At the other, rests the shocking event of Ramakrishna's killing the mother Goddess (seen in his meditation) with the sword in order to get into advaitic meditation. This may or may not seem to be there in the same individual.

Emotions, though very much present in the sadhaka must not become a hurdle to the spiritual progress. Getting stuck in emotions is also a trap posed by maya that tries to bring back the sadhaka into her glorious creation. At such a juncture, the sadhaka needs to do what Ramakrishna did! In jnana marga, when the ego rises, one should melt the butter by submitting the submitter too unto the Lord. That balance between jnana and bhakti must continue till it does by individual effort, after which it drops on its own. Then on, the merging does what it deems fit. What an individual cares to do then is no saying since there's no individuality left.
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