Live and let live!

The principle of "live and let live" cannot be overstated. Under the garb of helping others, we not only take away the privacy of the person but also eat into his peace. In this regard, I respect the bubble of the west, where social norms expect one to keep good distance when it comes to personal matters. I do not say that concerns about another are bad. Its really nice if I go on enquiring other's health once in a while, but to give him medication without consulting a doctor is something bad. Similarly, if I concern myself how a person is doing overall in life is a nice question to ask; however, giving him suggestions, telling him what he is doing is bad, or relating the present to his past and feeding him a future that hasn't begun, is simply not done! More than helping, it is clearly *intrusion*. People usually talk of things that they do not understand, have no experience of, and feel free to use-up your precious time!

Today, I clocked three months from leaving my job. If I look back, I've spent two months in the lap of Himalayas while being stuck at the course, bound by the rules, without anyone to judge whether right or wrong. I've spent the remaining one month between family, relatives and friends, also recovering from a health problem. The last is keeping me off my spiritual feet, forcing me to postpone my unplanned plans; I foresee the same continuing for a while before I pace up in order to relive lost time!

Back at Rishikesh, I met up with Sw. Atmananda who's setting up a unique ashram. He specifically adviced me to keep off the one month that I spent so. He meant to say that I face a risk of falling back into earlier (way of) life, but I'm unsure if he knew whether I'll have to face enforced frustration, making me wonder if keeping all my belongings itself was a good decision. That has made me look back on places I wanted to avoid, stay longer than ever in a seeming unending zone. I'm still bound by pressure. There's only one way to slacken all this: silence.
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