Unanswered questions

Consider two scenarios. In one, a person has killed a snake because it wandered into his compound. In another example, suppose that a person is being given a capital punishment for a crime that he's committed. I'm trying to follow ahimsa in as much capacity as possible, but I still hold that the law must be followed for the eradication of social evil. That is, although I'm against the killing of the snake in the first case, I support the second cause, since its said that the capital punishment for the murderer not only helps the society but also the criminal's karmic progress (Manu)!

Now lets analyse the situations further. How would I react if the snake had bitten my own kith and kin? I may say that I wouldn't kill the snake still, but I may actually do so. Such a moment may carry me to an act that I can't judge with a hypothetical analysis! Even so, I'm sure that even *if* I kill the snake, I'm going to regret it later after the *fit* of anger has gone. So what I feel sorry about right now is not (only) that the snake has been killed by the person in the first case, but that he's happy about it later on.

In the other example, if one from my family or closest friends is to be hanged as a criminal, will I still support the cause? I may, and if I do so, will I still support it with the same fervour in saying that its good for the society and the criminal? Will I not even shed a tear?

Anyhow, I shouldn't be mixing spirituality and social order or politics. Its just a thought...
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