The Second Aspect

Maya has two special powers: veiling and projecting. The former covers the reality that satchidAnanda brahmaN is and the latter projects the mithyA natured jagat as the truth. This is just as crazy as it sounds, but what it could be is felt on waking up from a dream that you vividly remember. For the first few moments when sleep still has its say, you feel completely lost about which is true: that jungle that you dreamt about where the lion was chasing you, waking you up sweating, or is it that cosy bed where you slept so deep, losing consciousness of this mithya world, and entered another such world? When you slept, the veiling power of Maya went on to hide the waking world and its projecting power showed the dream world which seemed so real that you lost touch with this waking world, in which you went to dream of the dream world, totally.
Similarly, the waking world itself is a projected world on to the underlying truth that has been veiled off from us. Now, the return journey to the source is to throw off the projectile first and dig through the veil. That second aspect is just not getting to me. I can now see how this world, with all its animality, humanity and divinity, is not real. At this juncture, I feel lost in this rabbit hole that goes both ways endlessly. Its like a blank level... not a dark screen but a plain white paper or cloth on which the painting was, but has been rubbed out now! Its like sitting on the brush, knowing well that the paper is being seen but not feeling the paper... I can't get across to that. The question that remains now is what is that that is hidden beneath? Do I see darkness? No. Do I see the light? No. What do I see? I do not know... its a dreamlike existence where I know well that I am dreaming... say a lion is chasing me and I know I will die here in falsehood and it sure will hurt if the lion gets to me. So I run in the dream helping it continue, but I do not know what its going to be like when I wake up, if I wake up. Where will I be then? What’s it going to be like? I do not see a bit of hope there... the veil is too bloody strong, I'm tired running and there's a good chance that the lion will get me anytime now!!!
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