Other suitable title for this blog may have well been *humbling* or worse yet, *humiliating*.

Why even the vast universe, a short visit to any govt. office will make one feel intimidated; zero value of human existence, so to say! That a person has no money to feed himself or his dependents is of no concern to the govt. dept. employee; bribe is all that he cares for! Govt. is nothing but that employee you face at their offices. Corruption, in all its forms, exists everywhere here! You name it, they've got it. If you know someone in an influential position, its just a faster way to get your work done, but not without a *fee*, of course!

I wonder if tatkaal schemes are official ways of corruption or bribery is an unofficial tatkaal scheme; none can prove the other wrong!

Just to mention what brings me to a govt office today too, where I sit and scribble these lines on a piece of paper, while waiting endlessly, is a want of certificate that I belong to a particular family. Such a certificate interests one govt dept and is issued by another. what I actually belong to is of no concern to anyone. I'm sure if we assess properly and pay the right person, they wouldn't bother giving a certificate that you belong to a family of dogs, or on the other extreme, as to those of gods!

On a related not, helping our own people get business, or forwarding their resumes to get jobs and be rewarded in return, IMHO, are also systems of bribery! In short, we all are driven corrupt, if not already so!

You may wonder, whether I like such India? The answer is I love it, despite the circumstances, since India's greatness is beyond all this; how much more itself is beyond anyone's capability to measure!
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