Off Orkut's Advaita

I recently continued my endeavor on Orkut communities; this one was formed after some missionaries started spoiling the taste of the group and wise people decided to move out forming another. Here's an interesting set of Qs someone posted there, followed by my perspective:

Q: What is sought...?
When sought, its from a duality. We seek what we are, throwing away beliefs that we are something we have identified with!

Q: Who is seeking...?
The One source seeks back Itself. In algorithm terms, its an infinite regress that could be exhaustive, but once the seeking becomes an effortless activity, its blissful.

Q: Where is the sought thing present...?
Its all that there is. But its not known till its known.

Q: What is the process of seeking...?
There are many a process; as many there are people as Ramakrishna once said!

Categorically, IMHO:

in bhakti, one submits oneself in totality to the Supreme till he becomes one with It;

in (Raja/Dhyana)Yoga, its trying to watch the experience created by some known means which is reproducible so that one can concentrate and meditate on it. (yogas chitta vritti nirodha);

in Karma yoga, one offers all the fruits to God and works without expecting results... rather, works for the sake of working;

in Jnana, its shravana, manana, nidhidhyasana. Its focusing on the seeker as the sought in manana, on what you've heard, read or felt (shravana) about the Self, till the end in nidhidhyasana for holding onto the Self! Thats when brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati!

Q: ... observing mind with mind?
Yes, there are no better tools to do so. As Ramana said its a thief acting a police. The mind cheats the mind not wanting to observe itself and creates an illusion that its seeking, at times! But its the only one that can lead to destination of suicide-of-the-mind! Its when the pyre is lit with the mind and mind offered to it!

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