Still waters

I woke up this morning with a beautiful experience of a Vedantic example! It was perhaps biased with emotions I gathered two days back when I was facing the picturesque, soothing, Sharavati river, despite the noise from the national highway! Well, I was sitting in front of still waters, in a waking dream towards this dawn...

When the river is turbulent, the sun (or moon) *sparkles* across the waters giving thousands of reflections of the sun. It can easily be misunderstood by us to be thousands of suns! Now, that sounds impractical but thats only because we know the sun to be one; if we didn't have such knowledge, its quite acceptable a conclusion. However, when the water stills down to a complete calm, as if time itself has come to a standstill, the sun *shines* forth majestically as a reflection, in that stillness, instead of sparkling in tiny bits. That singular sun is what the Truth is all about. Then such distinction of the reflected sun and the real sun vanishes since both are equally unmoved and brilliant; the reflection merging with the real!

Similarly, when the mind is involved in worldly activities, its wavering behavior reflects the brahman in bits and pieces causing multiplicity and giving rise to individuality called the ego. The meditative stillness brought to the mind by consistency of spiritual seeking causes the reflection to be fuller, ergo, merging it into the fullest brahman.

nidrA samAdhi sthitiH
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