The teaching is humble

The teaching is humble said Sw. Atmananda at Rishikesh. I recalled this statement when I was looking up Ramesh Balsekar on Orkut. I think the context on Swamiji's mentioning that was also when we were discussing Balsekar.

The advaitic teaching, believe it or not, is humble. It doesn't tag along a fanatic definition of this is how it should be.

Bhagavan Ramana put it as Be As You Are; can anything be any humbler? The beauty of advaita is that its the only philosophy that throws away all beliefs that there's a need to do a lot. Instead, it says undo everything. We misunderstand it as undoing is a big job due to our tendencies, but the best way of undoing things is to remain silent; new doings falling apart and so even the old ones!

Papaji Poonja Maharaj said Call off the search!
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