Dream about dreaming

Avastha traya analysis has always been an inherent passtime for me. I've blogged and voiced unknowingly of things before reading concrete Vedanta examples on avastha traya. But what has been of most interest in the very recent past is a dream that brings so much experience in this so-far-theoretical approach...
Few nights back, I'd gotten up late into the night to go to the bathroom and after a wash, I was thinking whether to have a bath! But I was also thinking that its stupid to have a bath at this hour and again go back to sleep. Funnily, a thought arose right then that this *is* a dream and my having a cold water bath will not drench my body in the waking state! Soon I began the bath, the water was cold, but lo! it was indeed a dream. I drifted into deep sleep and woke up the next morning to recall this vividly, yet so blissfully.
Now, only if this experience can be taken forward into a more positive spiritual practice. Only if that happens... soon!

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