What use are dreams?

Having written of a dream experience in the last blog entry, I tried to think of some simple straightforward line of questioning for use of sadhana:

  1. Suppose you were thirsty while sleeping at night; you got up, still sleepy, and had a glass of water and slept again. No one saw you. In the morning, you wonder if it was a dream or you actually had water. No one can confirm it, since you alone witnessed your drinking water. Whats the guarantee it wasn't a dream?
  2. Someone visits your house after you've retired to bed for the night. You meet this unknown person and have a simple chat before returning to sleep. Next day, this person isn't around to confirm if he met ya or if it was a dream, indeed! You being the only witness, you vouch that you met him, while it may well have been a dream. How sure are you?
  3. If the same person appears in a dream, will you be able to tell the difference between the dream and the waking incidents? Then whats the assurance that right now you're not dreaming of all the people around you; since ages; that this entire world is your dream, including the place you're at, reading this? There's none!
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