Last month, I took a trip to my native village and visited my kuladevasthAna after a while. I rarely visit temples and thats why there was a delay. There I met the priest (also a relative, btw) who officiated my upanayana.

After offering prayers, when he was to bless me, before he asked of something worldly for me, I jumped guns and asked for adhyAtmika sadhana. Perhaps, thats the problem with asking relatives to bless for a non-family-oriented life, they get carried away into emotions. In fact, these are the reasons that I avoid visiting relatives, etc. So what he did instead is to tell me so: "that needs purva janma puNya". Whether or not the kind priest intended it that way, it suddenly all made so much sense: it does need purva janma puNya and contrary to what he asks for me, the all-loving God will give me what I deserve. If I feel my path is fallen, it sure has due to same reasons, but if I do have that prArabdha, no one can stop me from the Lord's blessing me with sAdhana I deserve and one that is tailor made befitting my very own nature. Wasn't that trip lovely now? Sure it was... an uncrowded, blissful darshan of Lord Ganesha, elderly satsanga and an answer to a lingering question. What more can a sAdhaka ask for!

hari om tat sat
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