Interesting discussion

During my land issue follow up, I used to spend a lot of time every day with the people who were helping me. I didn't have much option to avoid topics that popped up that I avoid, at times bluntly. Somehow the kind Lord helps me voice words automatically at times without really being bothered if I tend to offend someone in the process :)

Here's one such chat in the sequence that I recall now: P is the elderly person and S his son. Of course, me's me:

P: So, is anushThAnA (rituals) going in full swing?
me: Its going on, slowly picking up. Its not so much of an anushThAnA, but svAdhyAya (self-study).
P: So you've no plans to marry or anything?
me: Right now, I don't have any plans!
P: Bring your horoscope. We'll see what it says about your spiritual path.
me: No, no, if I give you my horoscope, you'll check on marriage.
P: Well, I'll show it to a person who tell it as things are, without any biases whatsoever.
me: Why bother about it? Whatever is guru icche, things will go accordingly.
P: Anyway, bring your horoscope.
me: I don't have it, its in Bombay.
P: Get it.
me: Hmm.
P: Well, without the horoscope also, we can find out. We can ask him Qs. You wouldn't know how to ask the right Qs, I should be around.
me: Oh well, if you're around, you'll ask all the wrong Qs.
P: So what is the plan ahead?
me: Nothing, continue the svAdhyAya and see where it leads.
P: How about staying in the ashrama in seclusion for a while? There's a kuteer where Swamiji Himself stayed.
me: Yes, someone offered me that when I approached the ashrama a year back, but I don't have the guts to stay there. I do not have such chitta shuddhi.
P: S, how about putting Bhatru (me) in the ashrama for a few months?
S: No, no, not the ashrama. Let this land issue get settled, we'll get him a place and a house here and get him into grishastAshrama instead or send him to Bangalore.
me: No thanks, I'd rather go to Bangalore than in grihastAshrama.
P: Why, you should get married, raise children who will do much good to society.
me: In any case, what is the guarantee that the children will turn out good?
P: You should not think like that. The children will go on you and so, will be in your image...
me: Whoever claimed that I'm good?
P: You shouldn't say that. Well, don't you feel like getting married and living a family life? Are you or are you not a man?
me: na purusha na ca strI na ca napuMsaka.
(I don't think the talk went much further after this.)

P: Anyway, get the horoscope and we'll at least see why you ran into land trouble.
me: Hmm.
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