Another rambling

When people ask me how I am, I usually tend to reply "I'm alive". Most of them think its a negative answer, while I don't. If I say "I'm alive and kicking", they would feel happy about it, perhaps! I'd rather say, "I'm alive..." and if you care for a joke, I don't mind adding "... and life's kicking me" :)

Call it a confession or justifying the unobvious, hard-to-digest, actions of mine, I try to keep alive in the material life. Its a difficult balance, but if one doesn't do that, he can't stick on to the routine. Then, one might as well quit everything, take sannyaasa and get away from the society!

I've to spend six odd months with this job of mine, before I walk out to find something peaceful. My guess on whether I'll be able to do that is as good as anyone else's. Till that time, I'm trying to be self-motivated. Also I'm trading cars to save money, invest and survive. While at that, I love driving the Opel and thats that. People think this is against "spiritual inclinations", while I don't... unless one's addicted to these material traps!

Tomorrow's gonna be a different story anyway, I live in the today :)
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