Easier machines

I have always loved my part of life working with machines: be it biomedical equipment, other electronic gadgets, bike or car.

A few years back when I lost my sandals in the crowded temple on a festive day, I was soaking drenched from the downpour while riding my bike. On the way back home, changing gears on the Fiero barefoot drew an awesome relation, rains hardly mattered! It was like *feeling* the bike instead of just riding it. It was a completely different story then on... it was like talking to a close friend than just blabbering all over the place. It was like we understood each other! I tried this for a long time on the Wagon-R too and of course, it worked there. It left me with a little difficulty to wear shoes and drive later though!

That machines make better companions is an earlier conclusion from my working with L&T Medical. I'd refused to shift into marketing for more reasons, but one major point was not wanting to give up the technical relation.

Its much easier to associate with machines than with humans. (Perhaps, thats the reason, I'll always remain an engineer in some form even if I deny it!) Now, to think of it, don't people get pets for the exact same reason? Just a thought!
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