Where they meet

There are so many incidents in life that are seen as disparate happenings but after a period of time, suddenly one day, make much sense... they all fall into one single perspective; it feels then that parallel lines do meet into that seeming infinity! Here's one such experience I gathered last week...

I started going to Puttaparthi for Sai darshan around 1997 while I was still at Bombay. After shifting to Bangalore, during the past few years I started feeling my bhakti towards Hanuman and I started my prayers in whatever small capacity it was possible for me. Around the same time, I chanced upon Sridhara Swami books and his guru Ramdas Swami's too. I was also getting my inclinations towards Mount Kailash stronger by the day. On my path, I also picked up Bhagavan Ramana's blessings. There were quite a few other followings I have made, but these are the ones that gel together in some form although truly different paths. How so, one may wonder, apart from the advaitic feeling!

That Satya Sai is a Shiva avatar is quite well-known. Hanuman, being rudra-rupa, is Shiva too. Sridhara Swami is an incarnation of Hanuman and so is Ramdas Swami. Mount Kailash is Shiva's abode, while Ramana Maharshi is Arunachala Shiva, personified. Well, thats that.

shivam shaantam advaitam
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