Needs and wants

Wants, not needs, make life tick. Needs are barely food, clothing and shelter for survival. What we all need more than that are not needs, as they're projected; they are wants! Now what are needs needed for anyway? To stay alive, right? But there's more than staying alive to life and thats where we trap ourselves. What the heck am I talking here? I'll try to clarify. What I'm going towards is whether there are bigger wants that make up craved desires or even needs are desires!

They say that lusting for the opposite gender is the biggest craving for anyone. Call it a basic animal instinct. But is it really true or is it make believe? Its easier to say that thats how God meant it to be or thats how everyone is. All that is mere hoot, nothing else. Imagine a person on his/her deathbed fighting to survive in the peaks of young age. Can such a person lust? No. S/he's busy loving life... wanting more life. Agreed, if there's more life left, one might still lust! But all that lust, need, want, etc is over the basic substratum of craving-for-life!!! First and foremost love of a person is one's own life. This life gives out many other things much later.

Wanting to help others, or to set a free country and all that there is to call selfless service too, comes only if the person performing the service is alive. That being alive is the love of life. Thats the first habit of man. Thats the first craving. Thats the first want. Thats the first need. It could well be the last one too... only if we knew that there's no craving for anything if there's no craving to stay alive! No, I'm not talking suicide here. All I'm saying is fear of death causes love for life. Love for life causes many other endless needs and wants that one realizes close to death to be of no value. Thats a shame!
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