Award-winning stupidity

Bangalore's traffic is managed by a bunch of jokers who have, in their infinite wisdom of course, blundered to create the worst-ever solution to a non-existing problem: a traffic signal on a flyover (Richmond Rd)! Ridiculous, but its true. I forgot to blog this a few months back when this stupidity was commited, but yesterday I went through a serious aftereffect of that. Its no longer a joke that you can laugh at; its pain in your already pinching traffic. Its an insult to the company that built the flyover!

I struggled through a bumper-to-bumper (what seemed like a bumper-on-bumper) traffic on the flyover, for half an hour. The "traffic police" were manhandling the problem that they created in the first place. After I got down the flyover to convince myself of "end of trouble zone", the barricades used as lane dividers (???!!!) soon corrected me by being on the road since it makes bikers' lives easy to switch directions of travel!

One day I'd seen a car taking, kind of a -- hold your breath now-- U-turn on the flyover from KH Rd to Mission Rd!!!!! Till some days back, I used to really laugh at all this having no option then. I think I should just continue laughing since I don't have an option now either... :)
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