Ayodhya attack!

Sadly, Ayodhya was attacked this week and we know that our good soldiers knocked down these terrorists. And in time too. They were about to entire the tent that makes up a temporary temple in the inner area of Ayodhya!

Then again, Ayodhya stands for a-yodhya, that is, one that can't be won over. This incident just added more proof. Ayodhya nagari was built by Manu, the first man. Professor Ram Sharan Sharma writes in his booklet "Communal History and *Rama’s* Ayodhya": ‘Ayodhya *seems* to have emerged as a place of religious pilgrimage in medieval times. Although chapter 85 of the Vishnu Smriti lists as many as fifty-two places of pilgrimage, including towns, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc., it does not include Ayodhya in this list’. Watch the words he used that I've put in bold above. Need I say more?

(As an aside, it would be interesting to see how time deals with things. We live in a karmabhoomi and there's an effect that we see of all ill-doings too. The problem is that in a human's lifespan, one can't see much and one starts concluding things, forgetting that there was more that has gone before and there's a lot more to come yet. Its an endless cycle).
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