The management whys!

Every time I decide that I'll spend a good day at work, I don't. I always find myself posed with a set of questions then. I'm tired of asking these to people who know not the meaning of the question; expecting an answer is just too much to ask... hence this blog.

  • Why ask, when you don't listen?
  • Why do something, when it doesn't need be done?
  • Why show an option when the decision is already taken?
  • Why light up the fire when you know its going to burn?
  • Why add fuel to fire then?
  • Why show you care when you're careless?
  • Why preach the impractical?
  • Why create hell for others whether or not you're in heaven?
  • Why live when you're already dead?

I refuse to believe that management can't be good. Its just that they don't want to be good. Its a choice. You decide.
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