We're rich!

Oh, yes we Indians are rich! What can you do with Rs.21,068 crore (US$4.8 billion) per year? Check out the results of Corruption survey!

Sadly, the education system makes the most money. But this is something that everyone knows: how screwed up the dirty competitive education system in India is getting. Bangalore city itself has a many number of engineering colleges, beating most states in India! One is surprised as to how a residential building kind of a structure with a handful of flats on a corner of a busy road qualifies to be an approved engineering college. Anyways, thats besides the point, since most of the corruption is within the 12th class! Consider the drastic effects that this will have. Anyone who has been through paying bribe in school, be it forced, will find the *need* to recover this through similar means in the following years of his/her career. It would surely have a rolling effect. This reminds me of a song: Insaaf ki dagar pe bacchon dikhaao chalke.. yeh desh hai tumhaaraa, netaa tumhi ho kalke. Thats how we have corrupt politicians already, I guess.

I used to wonder 7-8 years back when I listened to Rajiv Dikshit with fervour: what can't we do as a nation if we save the corruption monies? Now, its beyond my thinking. Lok Ayukta started some great work in KA with all sorts of raids. Funnily enough, their work is not reaching sufficient ends. The raids end up in filing reports and thats what they remain worth; no one takes action!!!

Given all this, we Indians are moving towards moral-suicide.
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