Linux: Live Unix

I hereby confess that I've been hypocritical in claiming that I'm a non-technical person. I realize that a little corner in me wakes up once in a while and has a passion to do engineering things.

I particularly asked a friend today, even so as a joke, whether he'll replace himself with me at a place that he works, if he decides to quit Bangalore! Later, I also coded some c++ on Linux and saw that I was getting excited about it. Thats not been the case in a while. Aha! vi, I felt. I've been interviewing some candidates since past 3 weeks now and that must have silently added fuel to the fire within, or should I say: fg'd my bg'd engineer?

I do not know if these feelings will fade away and run as a daemon process again, thanks to Win-doze killing the engineer within me. (As a background, Win-doze happened to be an accident I was forced into and it added multiple injuries to me).

Whatever be the historical pun on Unix, Linus, etc, that led to naming Linux, I still feel that Linux stands for Live (every moment of) Unix or at least Love Thy Unix!

(If a win-doze lover drops by and expects a confession for this post, please do forgive me, for not confessing... ever)
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